Biased quasiballistic spin torque magnetization reversal.

  title={Biased quasiballistic spin torque magnetization reversal.},
  author={S. Serrano-Guisan and K. Rott and G. Reiss and J. Langer and B. Ocker and H. Schumacher},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={101 8},
We explore the ultrafast limit of spin torque magnetization reversal time. Spin torque precession during a spin torque current pulse and free magnetization ringing after the pulse is detected by time-resolved magnetotransport. Adapting the duration of the pulse to the precession period allows coherent control of the final orientation of the magnetization. In the presence of a hard axis bias field, we find optimum quasiballistic spin torque magnetization reversal by a single precessional turn… Expand
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