Bias-free reconfigurable magnonic phase shifter based on a spin-current controlled ferromagnetic resonator

  title={Bias-free reconfigurable magnonic phase shifter based on a spin-current controlled ferromagnetic resonator},
  author={Zikang Zhang and Shuang Liu and Tianlong Wen and Dainan Zhang and Lichuan Jin and Yulong Liao and Xiaoli Tang and Zhiyong Zhong},
  journal={Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics},
Controllable phase modulation plays a pivotal role in the researches of magnonic logic gates. Here we propose a reconfigurable spin-current controlled magnonic phase shifter based on a ferromagnetic resonator. The proposed phase shifter requires no magnetic bias field during operation. The device is directly configured over the waveguide while keeping the original structure of the waveguide unaffected. Numerical micromagnetic simulations show that the phase shifter could yield either a {\pi… 
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