Bias Dependence of Total-Dose Effects in Bulk FinFETs

  title={Bias Dependence of Total-Dose Effects in Bulk FinFETs},
  author={Indranil Chatterjee and E. X. Zhang and B. L. Bhuva and Mikhail A. Alles and R. D. Schrimpf and D. M. Fleetwood and Y. Fang and Anthony S. Oates},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science},
The total ionizing dose response of triple-well FinFETs is investigated for various bias conditions. Experimental results show that irradiation with the transistor in the OFF state with the drain terminal high is the worst-case bias configuration. TCAD simulations are used to analyze the buildup of trapped charge in the trench isolation oxide and its impact on the increase in leakage current and subthreshold-slope degradation. The electric field distribution along the STI/fin boundary exerts a… CONTINUE READING