Bianisotropic Photonic Metamaterials

  title={Bianisotropic Photonic Metamaterials},
  author={C. E. Kriegler and M. Rill and S. Lind{\'e}n and M. Wegener},
  journal={IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics},
  • C. E. Kriegler, M. Rill, +1 author M. Wegener
  • Published 2010
  • Physics
  • IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics
  • In metamaterials, electric (magnetic) dipoles can be excited by the electric (magnetic) component of the incident light field. Moreover, in the description of bianisotropic metamaterials, cross terms occur, i.e., magnetic dipoles can also be excited by the electric-field component of the incident light and vice versa. For the cross terms, in the general bianisotropic case, the exciting field and dipole vectors include an arbitrary angle. For the special case of chirality, the angle is zero. In… CONTINUE READING
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