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BiHalofit: A new fitting formula of non-linear matter bispectrum

  title={BiHalofit: A new fitting formula of non-linear matter bispectrum},
  author={Ryuichi Takahashi and Takahiro Nishimichi and Toshiya Namikawa and Atsushi Taruya and Issha Kayo and Ken Osato and Yosuke Kobayashi and Masato Shirasaki},
We provide an accurate fitting formula of the matter bispectrum in the non-linear regime calibrated by high-resolution cosmological N -body simulations for 41 wCDM models around the Planck 2015 best-fit parameters. Our fitting function assumes a similar parameterization as in Halofit for the non-linear matter power spectrum and so is named BiHalofit. The simulation volume is large enough (> 10Gpc) to cover almost all measurable triangle configurations of bispectrum in the universe. Our formula…