Bi-2212 and Y123 highly curved single-crystal-like objects: whiskers, bows and ring-like structures

  title={Bi-2212 and Y123 highly curved single-crystal-like objects: whiskers, bows and ring-like structures},
  author={Petre Badica and Angelo Agostino and Mohammad Hamidur Rahman Khan and Stefano Cagliero and Carmen Plăpcianu and Linda Pastero and Marco Truccato and Yuichiro Hayasaka and Gerhard Jakob},
  journal={Superconductor Science and Technology},
High-temperature superconducting objects of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 and Y Ba2Cu3O7 highly curved in the ab-plane, such as curved/kinked whiskers, bows and ring-like structures, were obtained within a solid–liquid–solid (SLS) grass-like growth mechanism. As-grown objects are crystals with three-dimensional epitaxy similar to conventional single crystals: they can be viewed as crystal parts ‘cut’ from a conventional rectangular crystal. Between our curved objects and conventional crystals, whiskers or thin… 

Insight into non-linearly shaped superconducting whiskers via a synchrotron nanoprobe

We were successful in synthesizing non-linear YBa2Cu3Ox whiskers, i.e. half loops or kinked shapes, which are promising candidates for solid-state devices based on the intrinsic Josephson effect and

Effect of Al and Ca co-doping, in the presence of Te, in superconducting YBCO whiskers growth.

The results demonstrate that the interplay of Ca, Te and Al elements is clearly necessary in order to obtain superconducting YBCO whiskers.

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In this work, we present a study on the interlayer tunneling spectroscopy (ITS) of mixed-phase BiSrCaCuO (BSCCO) superconducting whiskers. The tunneling experiments were carried out on the artificial

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The possibility to directly write electrically conducting channels in a desired position in rutile TiO2 devices equipped with asymmetric electrodes—like in memristive devices—by means of the X‐ray

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The results suggest that sites on the rough surface of the porous matrix act as microcrucibles and thus provide insights into the mechanisms that drive metal oxide nanowire growth at high temperatures.

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RLI-MgB2 powders show better performances compared to commercial powders against microbial strains in the planktonic form, and their activity against biofilms is also very similar.



Structural and superconducting properties of single-crystal Bi2Sr2Can − 1CunO2n + 4 + δ (n = 1–3) whiskers grown in gas-filled cavities

Using growth inside gas-filled cavities in KCl-fluxed melts, we have obtained free-standing phasepure Bi2Sr2Can − 1CunO2n + 4 + δ (n = 1–3) whiskers possessing superconducting properties in the

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A materials structure is reported that is characterized by high lattice curvature assigned to a compositional gradient. The phenomenon occurs for physical vapour deposition of Al1–xInxN epitaxial

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We report the growth of highly oriented microscopic whisker-like crystals in the Bi–Sr–Ca–Cu–O system by means of glassy precursors. The dependence of the growth on the stoichiometric composition and

X-Ray Diffraction Study on YBa2Cu3O7-δ Epitaxial Thin Film Grown by an Activated Reactive Evaporation Method

The as-grown epitaxial thin film of YBa2Cu3O7-δ with Tc∼90 K on a (001) SrTiO3 substrate is investigated by means of X-ray diffraction. It is clearly shown that the c-axis is perpendicular to the

Superconducting properties of single-crystal whiskers of (Y0.86Ca0.14)Ba2Cu3Ox grown from precursors containing calcium and tellurium

Single-crystal whiskers of YBa2Cu3Ox (Y-123) phase with a length of about 2.5 mm were grown from sintered precursor powders with a nominal composition of Y1Ba2Cu3Te0.5Ca1.0Ox. Electron probe

Preparation of Fibrous Bi(Pb)-Sr-Ca-Cu-O Crystals and Their Superconducting Properties in a Bending State

The superconducting fibrous crystals of Bi(Pb)-Sr-Ca-Cu-O (2212 phase) have been prepared by heating a glassy melt-quenched plate in an oxygen atmosphere. The crystals show Tc(onset) at 75 K and

Single crystalline kinked semiconductor nanowire superstructures

A ‘nanotectonic’ approach is demonstrated that provides iterative control over the nucleation and growth of nanowires and is used to grow kinked or zigzag nanoweires in which the straight sections are separated by triangular joints.

Review on Bi–Sr–Ca–Cu–O whiskers

We review the current status of the growth, characterization and applications of Bi–Sr–Ca–Cu–O (BSCCO) whiskers from the materials science point of view. Our analysis leads to the conclusion that