Beyond the state: Anthropology and ‘actually-existing-anarchism’

  title={Beyond the state: Anthropology and ‘actually-existing-anarchism’},
  author={Andrew Robinson and Simon Tormey},
  journal={Critique of Anthropology},
  pages={143 - 157}
In this article we seek to explore the different ways in which anarchists use anthropological materials for the purpose of advancing the anarchist cause. We note the extensive deployment of such materials within anarchist texts and identify four generative functions that they play within them. They include, respectively, the generation of critique, the generation of techniques for sustaining stateless relations, the generation of reflexivity and the generation of solidarity. The delineation of… 

“The Future in the Past”: Anarcho-primitivism and the Critique of Civilization Today

This essay examines the core ideas and contemporary relevance of anarcho-primitivism, a current of ultra-leftist thought that flourished between the mid 1980s and mid 1990s. The influences of

Introduction: Urgent Anthropology

Yadav introduces how the Gonds are caught up in the battle between the Human and Tiger in Panna and how that currently shapes their livelihood options. She focuses on postcolonial institutions of

Management, business, anarchism

While the inclusion of anarchism and management in the same sentence would normally connote a rejection of one and a corresponding defense of the other, the study of management and radical social and

Imagining Peace Outside of Liberal Statebuilding: Anarchist Theory as Pathway to Emancipatory Peacefacilitation

  • J. Rusche
  • Political Science
    Alternatives: Global, Local, Political
  • 2022
Critical scholarship on peace has coined the term liberal peacebuilding and proven that it is unsuccessful, even counterproductive, in achieving that what it sets out to do—foster peace after violent

The other shore: on politics and ‘spirit’ in Fredy Perlman’s Against His-story, Against Leviathan

This thesis is a critical textual analysis of the imbrication of politics and spirituality in Fredy Perlman’s Against His-story, Against Leviathan, a foundational work of primitivism. This study is

Basic Income, Forests and Anarchy

In this chapter, Yadav describes the contemporary lives of the Gonds and the surrounding region. She shows how the Gonds have adapted to recent changes in the wider political economy by culturally

Impossible organisations : anarchism and organisational praxis

Organisational scholarship tends to focus its attention mainly on conventional work organisations and so neglects the organisational practices and principles of other sites of organising. The paper

Disability , social movements and radical theory : An anthropological approach

This article analyses how the development of theorisations of disability has been influenced by social movements. Firstly, it includes an analysis of the evolution of explanation models of


  • C. Weber
  • Die Technik der Starrflügler-Drohnen
  • 2021



Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology

Everywhere anarchism is on the upswing as a political philosophy—everywhere, that is, except the academy. Anarchists repeatedly appeal to anthropologists for ideas about how society might be

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The work of Jacques Lacan is second only to Freud in its impact on psychoanalysis. Yannis Stavrakakis clearly examines Lacan's challenging views on time, history, language, alterity, desire and

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The Companion lays out a comprehensive history of the field and, in five additional parts, it explores public choice contributions to the study of the origins of the state, the organization of

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Introduction - Liberalism - Conservatism - Socialism - Nationalism - Fascism - Anarchism - Feminism - Environmentalism - Democracy - Conclusion: Ideology without End? - Guide to Further Reading -

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THIS book is undeniably readable throughout. The author has a creed which he preaches with all the fervour of genuine conviction. He is anxious to make converts, but his zeal never leads him to

A Thousand Plateaus

Scientists theorise that we now exist in theAnthropocene—an era when humanity hassuch an influence on the earth that the geologicaland ecological repercussions will be detectableindefinitely into the

People without government

Cyberchiefs: Autonomy and Authority in Online Tribes

Acknowledgments Introduction PART I 1. The Autonomy Imperative 2. The Distribution of Charisma 3. The Tyranny of Structure 4. The Grammar of Justice PART II 5. The Last Online Tribe: