Beyond the blindfold: my life with retinitis pigmentosa.

  title={Beyond the blindfold: my life with retinitis pigmentosa.},
  author={Gail R Greenberg},
  journal={Clinics in dermatology},
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I bumped into a table and knocked down a waiter who was carrying a tray of food. Glasses crashed and plates broke as I stumbled into a dark restroom. There I walked into the wall. bIt’s not even that dark in here!Q exclaimed a co-worker. bHow could you miss that waiter? I hope this isn’t his first day on the job!Q She bolted out the restroom door. bI’ll wait for you at the table.Q bThanks,Q I mumbled. How do you know what’s too dark or what a person can see? Many people have misconceptions… CONTINUE READING

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