Beyond the Text: Between Islam and Feminism

  title={Beyond the Text: Between Islam and Feminism},
  author={Fatima Seedat},
  journal={Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion},
  pages={138 - 142}
  • F. Seedat
  • Published 19 October 2016
  • Sociology
  • Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion
The Discussion on Concept of Women Rights in Islamic Sufism
Sufism usually perceived as only talking or dealing with spiritual matters, basically expressing serving to mankind, and therefore, it should be examined with Islam and women rights. This articles
Whose Gender Equality? On the Boundaries of Islam and Feminism in the MENA Region
  • Ilyass Bouzghaia
  • Sociology, Political Science
    Double-Edged Politics on Women’s Rights in the MENA Region
  • 2019
In contemporary Muslim postcolonial countries, the term gender equality resonates as an appealing international principle for many politicians. However, for many Islamist and conservative forces, the
Sitting in Difference: Queering the Study of Islam
Queering the study of religion and theology as a means of teaching and learning through the twin lenses of difference and sexuality is both a theoretical and a political project. “Sitting” is the
Strange bedfellows: Qurʾan interpretation regarding same-sex female intercourse
ABSTRACT Some twentieth-century interpreters assert that the Qurʾan forbids same-sex female intercourse. Neo-traditional Shiʿi and Sunni interpreters converge on this point, even as they diverge from


This sex which is not one
1. The Looking Glass, from the Other Side 2. This Sex Which Is Not One 3. Psychoanalytic Theory: Another Look 4. The Power of Discourse and the Subordination of the Feminine 5. Cosi Fan Tutti 6. The
Islamic Philosophy: An Introduction
  • O. Leaman
  • Philosophy
    Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Philosophers Bibliographic Guides
  • 2020
Towards a Qur'anic Hermeneutics of Social Justice: Race, Class and Gender
  • A. Wadud
  • Law
    Journal of Law and Religion
  • 1995
From the onset, one must dispel the idea that addressing gender issues or referring to “women” and “woman” is marginal to larger considerations of civil society and current global dynamics. Double
Islam, Feminism, and Islamic Feminism: Between Inadequacy and Inevitability
This essay argues for maintaining a critical space between two intellectual paradigms that inform Muslim women’s anticolonial equality struggles in the neocolonial present, Islam and feminism. Seedat
Feminist Edges of the Qur'an
Preface Acknowledgements Introduction Part I: Historical Emergence of Feminist Qur'anic Interpretation Chapter 1: History of Tafsir Chapter 2: The Frames of Feminism Chapter 3: Relationships to
Women and Gender in Islam: Historical Roots of a Modern Debate
This book discusses the pre-Islamic Middle East, women and the Rise of Islam, and the struggle for the future in a post-Islamic world.