Beyond the Screen

  title={Beyond the Screen},
  author={W. Choi and Taehyung Lee and Wonchul Kang},
  journal={SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 Technical Briefs},
While working on the theme park ride project, we were required to solve problems of making a projection screen as a window that shows the virtual world behind it. To create this magical effect, we developed our own image resampling pipeline called ”BeyondScreen”. For each screen, it generates a video clip that makes the audience in the ride feel like they are seeing the virtual space. It produces a sense of depth by showing hidden areas beyond the screen as the viewpoint moves. After ensuring… Expand


Rendering fast & furious: supercharged in stereo for a 400ft curved screen
For Fast & Furious: Supercharged, a custom camera representation was developed which allowed the camera to change its location and orientation over the domain of the rendered image, independent of any temporally-based motion for blurring. Expand
Synthesizing panoramas for non-planar displays: a camera array workflow
This workflow is designed to minimize the distortions caused by the screen shape and optimize rendering of the high-resolution images while leveraging the existing feature film pipeline which, uses a standard perspective linear-projection camera model. Expand
Image correction method to compensate for point of view image distortion
  • Patent No. US6462769B1.
  • 1998