Beyond the Mommy Track: The Influence of New-Concept Part-Time Work for Professional Women on Work and Family

  title={Beyond the Mommy Track: The Influence of New-Concept Part-Time Work for Professional Women on Work and Family},
  author={E Jeffrey Hill and Vjollca K. M{\"a}rtinson and Maria D{\'i}az-Gonz{\'a}lez de Ferris and Robin Baker},
  journal={Journal of Family and Economic Issues},
This study investigates how the option for new-concept part-time work influences the ability of mothers of preschool children working in professional occupations to successfully integrate work and family responsibilities while maintaining career opportunities. Data are from a subset of the 1996 IBM Work and Life Issues Survey in the United States (n = 687). Compared to their counterparts who worked full time, mothers who worked in these part-time positions reported significantly greater work… 

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