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Beyond the Hype : Issues and Perspectives in the Software Paradigm for Internet Computing

  title={Beyond the Hype : Issues and Perspectives in the Software Paradigm for Internet Computing},
  author={Francisca Onaolapo Oladipo},
The demand for open and dynamic internet had given rise to a new software paradigm for computing on the internet: Internetware. The software for internet computing is expected to exhibit certain desirable properties and conform to specific software models. The dynamic nature of the present day internet however had given rise to changing and nondeterministic component-based software system parading unclear functional and non-functional requirements. As the internet is in every facet of our… Expand


Internetware:An Emerging Software Paradigm for Internet Computing
The Internet is undergoing a tremendous change towards the globalized computing environment.Due to the open,dynamic and uncontrollable natures of the Internet,software running in the InternetExpand
On environment-driven software model for Internetware
A software-structuring model is proposed for environment-driven Internetware applications, providing an initial framework for the construction of context-aware and self-adaptive software application systems in the open network environment. Expand
A software architecture centric engineering approach for Internetware
The component operating platform is a reflective and self-adaptive middleware that not only provides Internetware with a powerful and flexible runtime infrastructure but also enables the self- Adaptation of the structure and individual entities of Internetware. Expand
A software architecture centric self-adaptation approach for Internetware
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Internet-based software systems (called as Internetware) are dynamically formed taskspecific coalitions of distributed autonomous components. Autonomous components were modeled from five aspects,Expand
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A comprehensive interface definition framework for software components
  • Jun Han
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings 1998 Asia Pacific Software Engineering Conference (Cat. No.98EX240)
  • 1998
This work introduces a framework aimed at comprehensive interface modelling for software components in the context of CBSE, which deals with interface signature, interface constraints, interface packaging and configurations, and non functional properties of software components. Expand
Towards a Foundation of Component-Oriented Software Reference Models
This paper abstracts from the specifics of the component models COM, EJB, and CCM, and proposes a unifying component description language for integrated descriptions of structure and behaviour of software components and component-based software systems. Expand