Beyond the Buzzword: The Three Meanings of “Grand Strategy”

  title={Beyond the Buzzword: The Three Meanings of “Grand Strategy”},
  author={Nina Silove},
  journal={Security Studies},
  pages={27 - 57}
  • Nina Silove
  • Published 2017
  • Political Science
  • Security Studies
ABSTRACT The questions of how to define grand strategy and whether it “exists” continue to vex the study of grand strategy, despite the ever-increasing popularity of the term. Scholars broadly agree that grand strategy refers to something that has the characteristics of being long-term in scope, related to the state's highest priorities, and concerned with all spheres of statecraft (military, diplomatic, and economic). The precise entity or phenomenon that manifests these characteristics is… Expand
The Concept of Grand Strategy and the Specific Case of the Russian State
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Why American grand strategy has changed: international constraint, generational shift, and the return of realism
ABSTRACT From Clinton to Bush to Obama to Trump: the personalities, rhetoric, and policies of Presidents charged with defining US foreign policy in the post-Cold War era could hardly appear moreExpand
The Frontiers of American Grand Strategy: Settlers, Elites, and the Standing Army in America's Indian Wars
Much work on U.S. grand strategy focuses on the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. If the United States did have a grand strategy before that, IR scholars often pay little attention to it, andExpand
First Principles First: International Relations Theory and the Debate Over U.S. Grand Strategy
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Forum: Rethinking Neoclassical Realism at Theory's End
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International Events and Grand Strategy Adjustment after the Cold War: Examining Chinese Grand Strategy Using a Neoclassical Realist Model
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Present at the destruction? Grand strategy imperatives of US foreign policy experts during the Trump presidency
  • H. Kurthen
  • Political Science
  • European Journal of International Security
  • 2020
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On the Use of Greek History for Life: Josiah Ober's Athens and Paul Rahe's Sparta
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Donald Trump and NATO: Limitations on the Power of an Unpredictable President
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China’s grand strategy and Myanmar’s peace process
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American Grand Strategy After 9/11: An Assessment
Abstract : Grand strategy integrates military, political, and economic means to pursue states ultimate objectives in the international system. American grand strategy had been in a state of ux priorExpand
A Grand Strategy
A Grand Strategy for America
  • R. Art
  • Political Science, Economics
  • 2003
Challenge of Hegemony, 3. Relatedly, Brawley writes of "harmonizing" means and ends. Brawley, Political Economy and Grand Strategy
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