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Beyond the Business Case: New Approaches to IT Investment

  title={Beyond the Business Case: New Approaches to IT Investment},
  author={Jeanne W. Ross and Cynthia Mathis Beath},
  journal={MIT Sloan Management Review},
New research from MIT's Center for Information Systems Research and others reveals that successful companies are revolutionizing the way IT investments get decided. Investments are no longer justified merely on the basis of making a functional silo more profitable. Today the strategic needs of the whole company come first. In the last 15 years, write professors Jeanne Ross of MIT's Sloan School of Management and Cynthia Beath of the University of Texas, a tidal wave of IT-enabled initiatives… 
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The results show that organizations that adopt the suggested approach to building business cases are more successful in delivering value from their IT investments.
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Information technology (IT) investment and aligning methodologies require thorough understanding of analyses on different parallel present values and strong internal rates of return. E-commerce has
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The term IT productivity paradox is explained, and five reasons why IT business value is not fully reflected in the way business managers expect it to be are provided.
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Purpose An essential corporate decision-making tool, the Boston Consulting Group's growth-share matrix, is due for an upgrade. The purpose of this paper is to upgrade this growth matrix for use by
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This paper draws on resource-based theory and path dependence to model functional, structural, and temporal IT strategic alignment in MBOs, and shows how each form of alignment creates value through the three strategic drivers of competence, governance, and flexibility.
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It is proposed that it is the mismatch between the very ambitious goals of firms and the means they apply that is the primary cause of their failure to obtain benefits from their ERP projects.
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Projects are used by companies to convert corporate strategy into new services, processes and products needed for the success and viability of the organization (Benko & McFarlan, 2003). Selecting the
Using Process Theory to Analyze Direct and Indirect Value-Drivers of Information Systems
  • S. Kanungo
  • Business
    Proceedings of the 38th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
  • 2005
It is shown how IT managers can identify gaps and address them so that users and managers of IT can "heedfully interrelate" to leverage IT value.
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The productivity and profitability paradox in IT investments literature have made the work of IT managers very difficult in justifying for IT investments. Another difficult issue to grapple with by
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An analytical model is presented based on real options that shows the process by which IT infrastructure potential is converted into business value, and discusses middleware as an example technology in this context.


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In this paper we adopt financial options theory to guide decision making in the management of information technology investments. Information systems investment opportunities can provide firms with
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Brady Corporation is a $500 million manufacturer of identification products (signs, labels, bar-coding equipment, etc.) based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. The firm relies heavily on distributors but