Beyond the Black Box: The Lettrist Cinema of Disjunction

  title={Beyond the Black Box: The Lettrist Cinema of Disjunction},
  author={Andrew V. Uroskie},
OCTOBER 135, Winter 2011, pp. 21–48. © 2011 October Magazine, Ltd. and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As Caroline Jones has demonstrated, midcentury aesthetics was dominated by a rhetoric of isolated and purified opticality.2 But another aesthetics, one dramatically opposed to it, was in motion at the time. Operating at a subterranean level, it began, as early as 1951, to articulate a vision of intermedia assemblage. Rather than cohering into the synaesthetic unity of the Wagnerian… Expand
Memories made in seeing : memory in film and film as memory
Memories Made in Seeing considers the relationship between memory and film through examining what is its cultural and experiential effect, how it can show and write memory and History. Four post-warExpand
Visual Experimentation: Art, Aesthetics and Ethnography in (Un)guided Tour, a video by Irina Botea, Marco De Luca and Stephan Voicu
The following paper deals with the production of a short ethnographic video on the Royal Museum of Central Africa from Tervuren, Belgium. The scope is to deploy the organization of the ethnographicExpand
A Cinema of Boredom: Heidegger, Cinematic Time and Spectatorship
Boredom, in cinema as well as in our everyday experience, is usually associated with a generalised loss of meaning or interest. Accordingly, boredom is often perceived as that which ought to be avo...
The Introduction to Detournement as Pedagogical Praxis
While preparing to write this introduction to Detournement as Pedagogical Praxis, I read a great deal about the Paris-based avant-garde group called the Situationist International (SI) because theExpand
érotisme mysticisme lettrisme


Dismantling the Spectacle: The cinema of Guy Debord
The artist and theoretician Guy Debord formulated a radical critique of society in the 1960s with his theses about the »society of spectacle«. The term spectacle is used to criticize socio-economicExpand
A collection of Debord ’ s cinematic work was released on DVD by Gaumond in 2005 . Lemaître . Has the Film Begun ? 1951 .
  • 2003
See in particular Thomas Elsaesser ’ s famous interrogative essay “ Dada / Cinema ? ” in Dada and Surrealist Film
  • 1996