Beyond the “Fad”: Understanding Hallyu in the Philippines

  title={Beyond the “Fad”: Understanding Hallyu in the Philippines},
  author={Jay Ar M. Igno and Marie Cielo E. Cenidoza},
  journal={International journal of social science and humanity},
The Korean Wave, popularly known as Hallyu (한류) is the rapid spread of Korean popular culture in the form of Korean drama, dance, music, as well as fan clubs for Korean stars, among others. This term is the “Korean wave” written in Chinese characters, said to have been derived from the title of an album compilation of Korean popular songs that became a sudden hit in China during the 1990s. Some of the people in the Philippines claim that Hallyu is just a fad – a craze, an intense and widely… 

Influence of Digital Media Advertisements of KPOP Industry on Selected Young Adults in Manila, Philippines

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Situated Knowledge, Transnational Identities: Place and Embodiment in K-pop Fan Reaction Videos

Situated Knowledge, Transnational Identities: Place and Embodiment in K-pop Fan Reaction Videos



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