Beyond the ‘String of Pearls’: is there really a Sino-Indian security dilemma in the Indian Ocean?

  title={Beyond the ‘String of Pearls’: is there really a Sino-Indian security dilemma in the Indian Ocean?},
  author={David Brewster},
  journal={Journal of the Indian Ocean Region},
  pages={133 - 149}
  • David Brewster
  • Published 3 July 2014
  • Business
  • Journal of the Indian Ocean Region
The article will ask whether Sino-Indian strategic competition in the Indian Ocean should be properly understood through the lens of a security dilemma. It examines the strategic positions of India and China in the Indian Ocean and concludes that India has an overwhelming strategic advantage that China cannot realistically mitigate in the foreseeable future. This advantage precludes any real security dilemma arising between them. In fact, both China and India have good reasons to keep strategic… 
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