Beyond the ‘3/4‐power law’: variation in the intra‐and interspecific scaling of metabolic rate in animals

  title={Beyond the ‘3/4‐power law’: variation in the intra‐and interspecific scaling of metabolic rate in animals},
  author={D. Glazier},
  journal={Biological Reviews},
  • D. Glazier
  • Published 2005
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Biological Reviews
  • In this review I show that the ‘3/4‐power scaling law’ of metabolic rate is not universal, either within or among animal species. Significant variation in the scaling of metabolic rate with body mass is described mainly for animals, but also for unicells and plants. Much of this variation, which can be related to taxonomic, physiological, and/or environmental differences, is not adequately explained by existing theoretical models, which are also reviewed. As a result, synthetic explanatory… CONTINUE READING

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    Coevolution of body size and metabolic rate in vertebrates: a life‐history perspective
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    A unifying explanation for diverse metabolic scaling in animals and plants
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    Metabolic scaling in animals: methods, empirical results, and theoretical explanations.
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