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Beyond the $10$-fold way: $13$ associative $Z_2\times Z_2$-graded superdivision algebras

  title={Beyond the \$10\$-fold way: \$13\$ associative \$Z\_2\times Z\_2\$-graded superdivision algebras},
  author={Zhanna Kuznetsova and Francesco Toppan},
The “10-fold way” refers to the combined classification of the 3 associative division algebras (of real, complex and quaternionic numbers) and of the 7, Z2-graded, superdivision algebras (in a superdivision algebra each homogeneous element is invertible). The connection of the 10-fold way with the periodic table of topological insulators and superconductors is well known. Motivated by the recent interest in Z2 × Z2-graded physics (classical and quantum invariant models, parastatistics) we… 


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