Beyond gender equality? Anti-gender campaigns and the erosion of human rights and democracy

  title={Beyond gender equality? Anti-gender campaigns and the erosion of human rights and democracy},
  author={Lorena Sosa},
  journal={Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights},
  pages={3 - 10}
  • Lorena Sosa
  • Published 1 March 2021
  • Political Science, Sociology, Law
  • Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights
Although resistance to the incorporation of ‘gender’ in human rights law and policies is not new, since 2013 anti-gender campaigns have articulated as movements and increased their visibility. More recently, the transnational dimension of the anti-gender offensive has become visible as a challenge to human rights standards, including the anti-violence against women project, and a process of democratic erosion. In this column, I make a short overview of this social and political phenomenon and… 
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*Correspondence: pesquisadora Associada da ABIA, Associação Brasileira Interdisciplinar de AIDS; Co-coordenadora do Observatório de Sexualidade e Política/ Sexuality Policy Watch, Rio de Janeiro,
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