Beyond RGD: virus interactions with integrins

  title={Beyond RGD: virus interactions with integrins},
  author={Hosni A. M. Hussein and Lia R. Walker and Usama M Abdel-Raouf and Sayed A Desouky and Abdel Khalek M Montasser and Shaw M Akula},
  journal={Archives of Virology},
Viruses successfully infect host cells by initially binding to the surfaces of the cells, followed by an intricate entry process. As multifunctional heterodimeric cell-surface receptor molecules, integrins have been shown to usefully serve as entry receptors for a plethora of viruses. However, the exact role(s) of integrins in viral pathogen internalization has yet to be elaborately described. Notably, several viruses harbor integrin-recognition motifs displayed on viral envelope/capsid… CONTINUE READING