Beyond Nock: From Adhesion to Conversion in the Mystery Cults

  title={Beyond Nock: From Adhesion to Conversion in the Mystery Cults},
  author={B. Bogh},
  journal={History of Religions},
  pages={260 - 287}
  • B. Bogh
  • Published 2015
  • Philosophy
  • History of Religions
introduction For decades, it has been debatedwhether people converted to the ancient mystery cults, or whether the experience of conversion was restricted to Christianity, Judaism, and philosophy. Some refer to all members of the mystery cults as converts; some say that conversion did take place among pagans, although very rarely; some argue that Lucius’s experiences in the Metamorphoses are proof of this (although the only “pagan” proof ); but many others see conversion as a Christian… Expand
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Several of the so-called Isisreliefs were inscribed or reinscribed with names related to the Egyptian deities (e.g., Isias, Eision, and Sarapias) to which some clearly attached religious significance
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