Beyond NMF: Time-Domain Audio Source Separation without Phase Reconstruction


This paper presents a new fundamental technique for source separation of single-channel audio signals. Although nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF) has recently become very popular for music source separation, it deals only with the amplitude or power of the spectrogram of a given mixture signal and completely discards the phase. The component spectrograms are typically estimated using a Wiener filter that reuses the phase of the mixture spectrogram, but such rough phase reconstruction makes it hard to recover high-quality source signals because the estimated spectrograms are inconsistent, i.e., they do not correspond to any real time-domain signals. To avoid the frequency-domain phase reconstruction, we use positive semidefinite tensor factorization (PSDTF) for directly estimating source signals from the mixture signal in the time domain. Since PSDTF is a natural extension of NMF, an efficient multiplicative update algorithm for PSDTF can be derived. Experimental results show that PSDTF outperforms conventional NMF variants in terms of source separation quality.

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