Beyond Framing

  title={Beyond Framing},
  author={T. J. Thomson and Keith Greenwood},
  journal={Journalism Practice},
  pages={625 - 644}
Visual news media's framing has been well studied; however, production factors and cultural conditions involved in photographer–subject interactions have attracted less scholarly attention although they are no less influential in determining the depiction. Guided by social constructionism theory, in-depth interviews with staff photojournalists at a daily community newspaper in the Midwest and an analysis of their work revealed 22 variables that impact how and why images look the way they do… 

In Front of the Lens: The Expectations, Experiences, and Reactions of Visual Journalism’s Subjects

  • T. Thomson
  • Art
    Journalism & Communication Monographs
  • 2019
Visual journalism is a curious form of interaction usually involving strangers who have their private lives transformed—wittingly or not—into public objects of attention. Sometimes the interaction

“Just a Junior Journalist”: Field Theory and Editorial Photographers’ Gendered Experiences

ABSTRACT Women outnumber men in graduate and undergraduate programs in photojournalism and work as photo editors at a number of high-profile publications. But in the field of professional editorial

Multiplatform storytelling: Are photojournalists taking advantage?

With the expansion of connected devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.), a leap in multiplatform technologies is occurring, bringing about changes in many areas of the communications professions. In

Journalistic innovation: How new formats of digital journalism are perceived in the academic literature

This article carries out a systematic review of the literature analysing the following new journalistic formats: structured journalism, immersive journalism, 360° video reports, virtual reality and

Designing Social Interactions with a Humorous Robot Photographer

The human-centered design process involved professional and amateur photographers to better understand the social dimensions of subject-photographer interactions and guided the design of a robot photographer, which employs humor to elicit spontaneous smiles during photography events.

Backpack reporting of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines: Implications of convergent technologies on disaster journalism

This article offers an analysis of digital technologies’ implications on disaster reporting using the perspective of a journalism-documentary practitioner. The study uses Typhoon Haiyan disaster as a

The green web: evaluating online news communities and their environmentalism

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From the Closet to the Beach: A Photographer's View of Gay Life on Fire Island From 1975 to 1983

Documentary representations of queer life in the United States have historically been absent or context poor, especially prior to the onset of the AIDS crisis in the 1980s. Noted photographer Tom



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In the digital age, journalists are becoming more susceptible to the packaged visuals of politicians that image handlers are pushing electronically in an attempt to circumvent and influence the

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Today, ethnographers and qualitative researchers in fields such as urban poverty, immigration, and social inequality face an environment in which their work will be read, cited, and assessed by

What the Public Expects of Local News: Views on Public and Traditional Journalism

A survey found the public does not strongly endorse traditional journalism norms of watchdog and rapid reporting. Furthermore, when opinions of survey respondents and journalists were compared,

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Common knowledge suggests that elections are won or lost based on demographics, finances, and other structural elements. Whether candidates win or lose, however, is a matter of action. Symbolic

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Qualitative research methods are gaining in popularity outside the traditional academic social sciences particularly in public health and international development research. Whereas quantitative

Dimensions of projection.

  • D. Holmes
  • Psychology
    Psychological bulletin
  • 1968
Past confusion over the concept of projection, especially with regard to the related research evidence, has stemmed from the fact that numerous types of projections have been proposed which were not

The Foundations of Social Research: Meaning and Perspective in the Research Process

Preface..1 Introduction: the research process..2 Positivism: the march of science..3 Constructionism: the making of meaning..4 Interpretivism: for and against culture..5 Interpretivism: the way of

The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life

hen an individual enters the presence of oth ers, they commonly seek to acquire information about him or to bring into play information about him already possessed. They will be interested in his