Beyond Fortune 500: Women in a Global Network of Directors

  title={Beyond Fortune 500: Women in a Global Network of Directors},
  author={Anna Evtushenko and Michael T. Gastner},
  booktitle={COMPLEX NETWORKS},
In many countries, the representation of women on corporate boards of directors has become a topic of intense political debate. Social networking plays a crucial role in the appointment to a board so that an informed debate requires knowing where women are located in the network of directors. One way to quantify the network is by studying the links created by serving on the same board and by joint appointments on multiple boards. We analyse a network of $\approx 320\,000$ board members of $36… 
Systematic assessment of the quality of fit of the stochastic block model for empirical networks.
It is demonstrated that simple network descriptors can be used to evaluate whether or not the SBM can provide a sufficiently accurate representation, potentially pointing to possible model extensions that can systematically improve the expressiveness of this class of models.
Percolation on feature-enriched interconnected systems
This work proposes a novel mathematical framework, which not only provides a natural generalization of percolation but, more importantly, offers an accurate way to test the robustness of networks in realistic scenarios.


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