Beyond “Meat Free Monday”: A mixed method study of giving up eating meat

  title={Beyond “Meat Free Monday”: A mixed method study of giving up eating meat},
  author={Richard O. Visser and S. Barnard and Daniel O. Benham and Rachel Morse},
Increasing numbers of people are vegan, vegetarian, or reducing meat consumption. There has also been growth in campaigns such as Meat Free Monday (MFM) that encourage and support reduced meat consumption. We conducted a mixed-method exploration of the behaviour and beliefs associated with reducing or eliminating meat consumption. An online questionnaire was completed by an opportunistic sample of 655 people aged 18-82 who were registered on the MFM website, and were meat eaters at the time of… 
Identifying barriers to decreasing meat consumption and increasing acceptance of meat substitutes among Swedish consumers
A key lifestyle change people could make to reduce their environmental impact is to reduce their meat consumption. However, meat is still a staple in many people's diet, and some consumers are