Bevacizumab as a Treatment Option for Radiation-Induced Cerebral Necrosis

  title={Bevacizumab as a Treatment Option for Radiation-Induced Cerebral Necrosis},
  author={Christiane Matuschek and Edwin Boelke and Jens Nawatny and Thomas K. Hoffmann and Matthias Peiper and Klaus Orth and Peter Gerber and Ethelyn Rusnak and Guido M Lammering and Prof. Dr. med. Wilfried Budach},
  journal={Strahlentherapie und Onkologie},
Radiation necrosis of normal CNS tissue represents one of the main risk factors of brain irradiation, occurring more frequently and earlier at higher total doses and higher doses per fraction. At present, it is believed that the necrosis results due to increasing capillary permeability caused by cytokine release leading to extracellular edema. This process is sustained by endothelial dysfunction, tissue hypoxia, and subsequent necrosis. Consequently, blocking the vascular endothelial growth… CONTINUE READING


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