Between metapolitics and apoliteia : The Nouvelle Droite's strategy for conserving the fascist vision in the 'interregnum'

  title={Between metapolitics and apoliteia : The Nouvelle Droite's strategy for conserving the fascist vision in the 'interregnum'},
  author={Roger Griffin},
  journal={Modern \& Contemporary France},
  pages={35 - 53}
  • R. Griffin
  • Published 1 February 2000
  • Art
  • Modern & Contemporary France
The French Nouvelle Droite (ND) represents something of an enigma for students of the far Right as its political allegiances and tactics seem to yield no clear view of its ideological positioning. Here it is argued that one strand of the contemporary ND draws on elements both of Armin Mohler's Conservative Revolution and of the thought of the Italian writer Julius Evola. The fusion allows ND scholars such as Alain de Benoist to develop a stance on the modern world which, for all its claims to… 
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La ne della dicotomia destra/sinistra
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most exhaustive exposition of his cyclic philosophy of history, La rivolta contro il mondo moderno (1934), a Traditional equivalent of Spengler's Decline of the West
  • 1961
Die Konservative Revolution in Deutschland
  • 1918
de Benoist went on to say 'I am not a nationalist, but a federalist. If I had an intellectual 'ancestor ', he would be somewhere between
  • See my Fascism
Die Konservative Revolution in Deutschland 1918–1932 (Friedrich
  • Vorlag Verlag,
  • 1950