Between floating and intermittent floating: Low-current self-discharge under compensation

  title={Between floating and intermittent floating: Low-current self-discharge under compensation},
  author={T.M.P. Nguyen and G. Dillenseger and C. Glaize and Jean Alzieu},
  journal={INTELEC 2008 - 2008 IEEE 30th International Telecommunications Energy Conference},
Standby lead acid batteries maintained under a constant float voltage to compensate self-discharge often encounter the problem of short service life. One of the reasons limiting battery life span is the corrosion of positive electrodes. It is known that the rate of corrosion is the lowest when the polarisation of positive electrodes is between 20 mV and 80 mV. When applying the float voltage, the battery is permanently overcharged, the current is several times stronger than the self-discharge… CONTINUE READING


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