Between autonomy and planning: The Chinese Academy of Sciences in transition

  title={Between autonomy and planning: The Chinese Academy of Sciences in transition},
  author={Hans K{\"u}hner},

Karaulova, Maria and Shackleton, Oliver and Liu, Weishu and Gӧk, Abdullah and Shapira, Philip (2017) Institutional change and innovation

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How Do Institutional Carriers Alleviate Normative and Cognitive Barriers to Regulatory Change?

This study contributes to studies at the nexus between institutional change and entrepreneurship by highlighting the role of linking cognitive and normative support to regulatory changes aimed at increasing entrepreneurship.

China's “People's Diplomacy” and the Pugwash Conferences, 1957–1964

Newly available archival sources in China illuminate how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) used transnational initiatives to advance its aims. This article explores Chinese interaction with the

Scientific communities in the developing world

Introduction - Jacques Gaillard, V V Krishna and Roland Waast Scientific Communities in the Developing World PART ONE: SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITIES IN AFRICA Sisyphus or the Scientific Communities of

Comparative and International Education Bibliography

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