Between Shoal and Wall: The naval bombardment of Akko, 1840

  title={Between Shoal and Wall: The naval bombardment of Akko, 1840},
  author={Y. Kahanov and Eliezer Stern and D. Cvikel and Y. Me-Bar},
  journal={The Mariner's Mirror},
  pages={147 - 167}
HMS Pique bombarded Akko during the attack by a British–Austrian–Ottoman fleet on the Egyptian-held town on 3 November 1840. Three of her cannonballs were discovered during renovation of the El-Shazliya Mosque in Old Akko, embedded in an inner eastern wall facing the sea. Reduced scale experiments simulating the firing of cannonballs at this wall were conducted by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd, Israel, in order to measure the depth of penetration as a function of impact velocity. The… Expand