Between Men: English Literature and Male Homosocial Desire

  title={Between Men: English Literature and Male Homosocial Desire},
  author={Eve kosofsky Sedgwick},
Foreword: The Eve Effect, by Wayne Koestenbaum Preface to the 1993 Edition Acknowledgments Introduction 1. Gender Asymmetry and Erotic Triangles 2. Swan in Love: The Examples of Shakespeare's Sonnets 3. The Country Wife: Anatomies of Male Homosocial Desire 4. A Sentimental Journey: Sexualism and the Citizen of the World 5. Toward the Gothic: Terrorism and Homosexual Panic 6. Murder Incorporated: Confessions of a Justified Sinner 7. Tennyson's Princess: One Bride for Seven Brothers 8. Adam Bede… 
Writing Gone Wilde: Homoerotic Desire in the Closet of Representation
  • E. Cohen
  • Art
    PMLA/Publications of the Modern Language Association of America
  • 1987
The name Oscar Wilde has become one of the best-known indexes of late nineteenth-century male homoerotic desire. To situate Wilde's emergence as “a homosexual” in late nineteenth-century literary
Between Men: Homosocial Desire and the Dynamics of Masculinity in the Novels of Rachid O. And Abdellah Taïa
ABSTRACT Both born in the early 1970s, Rachid O. (1970) and Abdellah Taïa (1973) construct their entire literary work around autobiographical accounts of their lives, from their early years in
Man un/made: male homosocial and homosexual desire in anarchist culture of the Spanish Civil War
This paper explores the problematic construction of masculinity in anarchist culture of the Spanish Civil War (1936–1939). Anarchist ideologies and libertarian cultural practices played an
Transitional Mediations: Homosexuality in My Brother Nikhil, 68 Pages , and Quest/Thaang
Until the 1990s overt representations of homosexuality were almost unknown in popular Indian cinema, but examples of intense male homosociality have been prevalent throughout the hundred-year history
Homophobia and Rape in Sodom and Gibeah: A Response to Ken Stone
Readings of Genesis 19 and Judges 19 that highlight homosexuality as an interpretive device ignore the different historical and cultural context behind these texts and the contemporary politics in
Women and Slaves: Gender Politics in the Arabian Nights
Abstract: I emphasize masculine reflection on female sexuality as the underlying theme of the Arabian Nights. The frame story relates a threat to the marriage institution, uniting the two elements
The Power of Sex: English Plays by Women, 1958–1988
Reading backwards, through the feminist critique, Sue-Ellen Case explores the role of sexuality in women's lives as portrayed in the work of British women playwrights during the past three decades.
Desire under conflict: The potential for queer in Hoda Barakat’s The Stone of Laughter
ABSTRACT This article examines Hoda Barakat’s original rendition of gender and sexual otherness in The Stone of Laughter (1990), the first Arabic novel with a queer protagonist, Khalil. The analysis
The Travesty of Egoism: Same-Gender Passion and Homosocial Desire in a Dutch Seventeenth-Century Morality Play
abstract:In the seventeenth-century Netherlands, drama and politics were interwoven with one another. This was also the case with the controversial morality play Tieranny van Eigenbaat (Tyranny of
Sisters, Eroticism, and the Red Cat: Homosocial Female Bonds in Troubadour Poetry
Abstract:Guilhem IX's iconic poem, "Farai un vers, pos mi sonelh," presents a unique opportunity to deconstruct queer sexuality in medieval Occitania. Through the perspective of feminist literary