Between Manufacturing and Landscapes: Edward Burtynsky and the Photography of Ecology

  title={Between Manufacturing and Landscapes: Edward Burtynsky and the Photography of Ecology},
  author={Joshua Schuster},
  journal={Photography and Culture},
  pages={193 - 212}
Abstract The industrial sublime has become the signature trope of Edward Burtynsky's photographs to such a degree that it makes his images now fairly quick to recognize. This essay begins with a critique of the way the conventions of the sublime frame the photography of nature in favor of awe and anxiety over detail and activism. Burtynsky pushes the environmental image to more complicated ecological stakes by making photographs that question the relation of image to commodity extraction… Expand
Vibrant Photography: Photographs, actants and political ecology
Jane Bennett’s thesis in Vibrant Matter argues that we need to find ways to acknowledge and engage with the agency of all factors that create ecologies and environments, including non-human actants.Expand
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Visual Storytelling and Socioenvironmental Change: Images, Photographic Encounters, and Knowledge Construction in Resource Frontiers
  • S. Spiegel
  • Sociology
  • Annals of the American Association of Geographers
  • 2019
Practices of visually representing places of resource extraction and land degradation can be deeply contentious, embedded in a wide variety of values, ethics, goals, and relations. Photographs areExpand
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One striking characteristic of commodity histories, a suddenly ubiquitous genre of popular nonfiction, is a certain overkill in their subtitles. A representative sample might include, say, Corn andExpand
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Even if it is not quite accurate to say that the emergent subfield of postcolonial ecocriticism is the house that Nixon built, his essay ‘‘Environmentalism and Postcolonialism’’ has certainly been aExpand
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a. Bars indicate recession periods as dated by the National Bureau of Economic Research. b. West Texas intermediate. c. Light sweet crude oil futures. Deliverable grades are determined by sulfurExpand
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