Between Ethnography and Mission in India: The Anthropology of Stephen Fuchs

  title={Between Ethnography and Mission in India: The Anthropology of Stephen Fuchs},
  author={Bernd Pflug},
  journal={Sociological Bulletin},
  pages={20 - 34}
  • Bernd Pflug
  • Published 19 February 2018
  • Sociology
  • Sociological Bulletin
This essay is an inquiry in the anthropology of Stephen Fuchs who worked as a missionary in India for more than half a century. As any ethnographer, Fuchs faced the epistemological problems of observation, participation, judgement and explanation. These problems are shaped by the set of values an anthropologist displays in either hidden or more open ways. That is why knowledge of the ‘personal anthropology’ (David Pocock) of a scholar is important for the assessment of his or her… 
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Index to Volume 67, 2018
  • Sociology
    Sociological Bulletin
  • 2018
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