Between Corruption and Development: The Political Economy of State Robbery in Nigeria

  title={Between Corruption and Development: The Political Economy of State Robbery in Nigeria},
  author={Daniel E. Agbiboa},
  journal={Journal of Business Ethics},
The study is based on the hypothesis that there is a link between corruption and underdevelopment and that corruption is responsible for the shortcomings and poor performance of the Nigerian political economy. In addition to examining the historical trajectory of corruption in Nigeria, this paper delves into the underlying causes of corruption as well as its cumulative impact on national development in the country. Lastly, the paper assesses some public and private sector initiatives that have… 

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The focus of this paper is on the social and economic aspects of corruption in Nigeria. Given the increasingly borderless nature of corruption and economic crime, this paper argues that a successful

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The study had its major problem to examine the impact of political corruption on socioeconomic development in Mogadishu Somalia The principle object was to examine the relationship between Corruption

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Since the 1970s, most countries in Africa have failed to make any significant improvements in the standard of living of their citizens. One of the most important reasons advanced to explain continued

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An examination and critique of the functionalist literature on corruption in the political administration of less developed countries (LDCs) indicate that its claims are without empirical foundation.

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The Struggle Against Corruption: A Comparative Study-R. Johnson 2005-07-29 Understanding and responding to corruption is a worldwide challenge. This book offers a general overview of the nature,

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Corruption is a major problem in many of the world’s developing economies today. World Bank studies put bribery at over $1 trillion per year accounting for up to 12 of the GDP of nations like

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Corruption is attracting a lot of attention around the world. This paper surveys and discusses issues related to the causes, consequences, and scope of corruption, and possible corrective actions. It