Between Antiquity and Modernity: The Castle of Doubiyeh in South Lebanon

  title={Between Antiquity and Modernity: The Castle of Doubiyeh in South Lebanon},
  author={Cyril Yovitchitch},
  journal={Journal of Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology and Heritage Studies},
  pages={119 - 98}
  • Cyril Yovitchitch
  • Published 2016
  • History
  • Journal of Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology and Heritage Studies
Located in a little valley of the Upper Galilee, the castle of Doubiyeh is a beautiful and yet almost unknown example of military architecture in a good state of preservation. It has remains from different periods of construction, which are difficult to date based solely on typology, given that the same building techniques were used from medieval to modern times. Three years ago, the castle became the object of a scientific study for the first time in its history. Archaeological investigations… Expand


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