Betti numbers for numerical semigroup rings

  title={Betti numbers for numerical semigroup rings},
  author={Dumitru I. Stamate},
  journal={arXiv: Commutative Algebra},
We survey results related to the magnitude of the Betti numbers of numerical semigroup rings and of their tangent cones. 
Coefficient rings of numerical semigroup algebras
Numerical semigroup rings are investigated from the relative viewpoint. It is known that algebraic properties such as singularities of a numerical semigroup ring are properties of a flat numerical
We compute Betti numbers for a Cohen–Macaulay tangent cone of a monomial curve in the affine $4$ -space corresponding to a pseudo-symmetric numerical semigroup. As a byproduct, we also show that for
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Given a numerical semigroup ring $$R=k\llbracket S\rrbracket $$R=k〚S〛, an ideal E of S and an odd element $$b \in S$$b∈S, the numerical duplication $$S \bowtie ^b E$$S⋈bE is a numerical semigroup,
On the Betti numbers of the tangent cones for Gorenstein monomial curves
  • Pınar Mete
  • Mathematics
  • 2021
Let S denote the numerical semigroup generated by the positive integers n1 < n2 < . . . < nd with gcd(n1, . . . , nd) = 1. Consider the polynomial rings R = k[x1, . . . , xd] and k[t] over the field
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We extend some results on almost Gorenstein affine monomial curves to the nearly Gorenstein case. In particular, we prove that the Cohen-Macaulay type of a nearly Gorenstein monomial curve in


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In this paper we study numerical semigroups generated by three elements. We give a characterization of pseudo-symmetric numerical semigroups. Also, we will give a simple algorithm to get all the
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For any numerical semigroup S, there are infinitely many numerical symmetric semigroups T such that S = T/2 (see below for the definition of T/2) is their half. We are studying the Betti numbers of
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For some numerical semigroup rings of small embedding dimension, namely those of embedding dimension 3, and symmetric or pseudosymmetric of embedding dimension 4, presentations has been determined in
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With a view to study problems of smoothability, we construct a minimal free resolution for the coordinate ring of an algebroid monomial curve associated to an $AS$ numerical semigroup (i.e. generated