Better Securing an Infrastructure for Telework

  title={Better Securing an Infrastructure for Telework},
  author={Loreen Marie Butcher-Powell},
  journal={J. Cases Inf. Technol.},
The XYZ Hardware Company, Inc. infrastructure features high volumes of sensitive and confi- dential corporate data relevant to internal and external transactions. From 1999 to the middle of 2004, XYZ has utilized the Operationally Critical Threat, Asset, and Vulnerability EvaluationSM (OCTAVESM) Model version 1e to protect its network. The OCTAVESM Model has proven to be helpful for XYZ by identifying over 198 potential security breaches. However, in 2004, when XYZ began to enhance its existing… 
Fitness First or Safety First? Examining Adverse Consequences of Privacy Seals in the Event of a Data Breach
Results show that the use of privacy assurance statements leads to high-security expectations, and failure to meet these has a negative impact on satisfaction and thus continuance intention, and the possibilities to mitigate the consequences of data breaches in advance are examined.
User Compensation as a Data Breach Recovery Action: An Investigation of the Sony PlayStation Network Breach
It is demonstrated that a modified assimilation-contrast model explained perceptions of service quality and continuance intention and a generalized negativity model explained repurchase intention.
A correlational study of telework frequency, information communication technology, and job satisfaction of home-based teleworkers
A Correlational Study of Telework Frequency, Information Communication Technology, and Job Satisfaction of Home-Based Teleworkers by Shana P. Webster-Trotman M.S., University of Maryland University
Are Managers Making the Right Choice?: IT Investment for Smart Work
Smart work technologies in service business affect employees’ job satisfaction, and further retention of remote agents, and careful planning of how to implement technologies for smart work is needed in servicebusiness in order to identify the best working environment design.
Leadership and Innovation - How Can Leaders Create Innovation-Promoting Environments in Their Organisations?
  • Marco Pister
  • Business
    European Journal of Marketing and Economics
  • 2021
Innovation is considered to be among the most relevant success factors for companies in the contemporary business environment. Thus, finding strategies and approaches to foster innovation becomes a
From Tf-Idf to learning-to-rank: An overview
This chapter tries to address the gap in the literature on LtR by discussing the fundamental concepts of IR, the motivation behind LtR, the evolution of LtR from and its relation to the traditional methods, the relationship between LtR and other supervised machine learning tasks, the general issues pertaining to an LtR algorithm, and the theory ofLtR.
Understanding Critical Distance Learning Issues: Toward a Comprehensive Model Predicting Student Satisfaction
This study includes student demographic factors, comprehensive measures of student motivation, and course format, as well as specific course features included, to fully explain student satisfaction.


Examining the Approach Used for Information Technology Investment Decisions by Practitioners Responsible for IT Planning in Namibia
Despite the technological progress made by organisations in Namibia, the impact of IT has not been studied. The existing definition of IT is not comprehensive enough to include all relevant IT information/47215
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