Bethe-Heitler type radiative corrections to deeply virtual neutrino production of mesons

  title={Bethe-Heitler type radiative corrections to deeply virtual neutrino production of mesons},
  author={Boris Z. Kopeliovich and Ivan Schmidt and Marat Siddikov},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We study the electromagnetic Bethe-Heitler type contribution to neutrino-induced deeply virtual meson production (\nuDVMP). Such O(\alpha_{em})-corrections decrease with Q^{2} in the Bjorken regime less steeply than the standard \nuDVMP handbag contribution. Therefore, they are relatively enhanced at high Q^{2}. The Bethe-Heitler terms give rise to an angular correlation between the lepton and hadron scattering planes with harmonics sensitive to the real and imaginary parts of the DVMP… 
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