Betadine for herpes simplex infection

  title={Betadine for herpes simplex infection},
  author={Laura Waters and S. E. Barton and Fiona Boag},
  journal={International Journal of STD \& AIDS},
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The clinical value of aciclovir, oral or topical, in the episodic treatment of recurrent herpes virus infection is limited. Betadine (povidone-iodine) could provide a cheap, effective alternative for managing symptomatic recurrences. We describe a case where povidone-iodine was used successfully to treat a recurrence of genital herpes simplex and review the literature supporting povidone-iodine in the treatment of genital tract infections. 
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The concentrations of povidone-iodine that were effective in this study are lower than concentrations in available over-the-counter preparations of pomace, and additional research is needed to verify whether papillomavirus is susceptible to other, more acceptable agents.
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