Beta1- and beta2-adrenoceptor polymorphisms and cardiovascular diseases.

  title={Beta1- and beta2-adrenoceptor polymorphisms and cardiovascular diseases.},
  author={O E Brodde},
  journal={Fundamental & clinical pharmacology},
  volume={22 2},
Beta(1)- and beta(2)-adrenoceptors (AR) play a pivotal role in regulation of the cardiovascular system. Both beta-AR subtypes are polymorphic. There are two major single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the beta(1)-AR gene: the Ser49Gly and Arg389Gly beta(1)-AR polymorphisms. In vitro, in recombinant cell systems Gly49 beta(1)-AR is much more susceptible to agonist-promoted downregulation than Ser49 beta(1)-AR, while Arg389 beta(1)-AR is three to four times more responsive to agonist-evoked… CONTINUE READING
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