Beta tubulin gene of the parasitic protozoan Leishmania mexicana.

  title={Beta tubulin gene of the parasitic protozoan Leishmania mexicana.},
  author={Dora Fong and Byoung-Moo Lee},
  journal={Molecular and biochemical parasitology},
  volume={31 1},
A genomic DNA library was generated with Sau3A cut DNA derived from promastigotes of Leishmania mexicana amazonensis and the lambda vector EMBL3. The library was screened for beta tubulin clones using 32P-labeled heterologous probe of chicken beta tubulin cDNA. From the various genomic clones the one designated 23.1, which gave the simplest hybridization banding pattern, was further characterized. The leishmanial insert DNA was subcloned into plasmid vectors and the resulting clones were… CONTINUE READING