Beta subunit heterogeneity in neuronal L-type Ca2+ channels.

  title={Beta subunit heterogeneity in neuronal L-type Ca2+ channels.},
  author={Maria Pichler and Tamar Cassidy and Daniel Reimer and Hannelore Haase and R. Kraus and Dominique Ostler and J{\"o}rg Striessnig},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={272 21},
Heterologous expression studies have shown that the activity of voltage-gated Ca2+ channels is regulated by their beta subunits in a beta subunit isoform-specific manner. In this study we therefore investigated if one or several beta subunit isoforms associate with L-type Ca2+ channels in different regions of mammalian brain. All four beta subunit isoforms (beta1b, beta2, beta3, and beta4) are expressed in cerebral cortex as shown in immunoblots. Immunoprecipitation of (+)-[3H]isradipine… CONTINUE READING