Beta-defensin 1 gene variability among non-human primates.

  title={Beta-defensin 1 gene variability among non-human primates.},
  author={Massimiliano Del Pero and Michele Boniotto and Dario Zuccon and Piero Cervella and Andrea Span{\`o} and Antonio Amoroso and Sergio Crovella},
  volume={53 10-11},
Defensins are a recently described family of peptides that play an important role in innate immunity. Recent studies have shown that defensins exhibit a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activities against bacteria and fungi. Three families have been identified so far in mammals, alpha-defensins, beta-defensins and theta-defensins, presumably derived from a common ancestral defensin. A long-term study on the evolution of these multigene families among primates has been undertaken to investigate… CONTINUE READING