Beta-amyloid increases somatostatin expression in cultured cortical neurons.

  title={Beta-amyloid increases somatostatin expression in cultured cortical neurons.},
  author={Catherine Geci and Jonathan How and Haydar Alturaihi and Ujendra Kumar},
  journal={Journal of neurochemistry},
  volume={101 3},
In beta-amyloid (Abeta)-induced neurotoxicity, activation of the NMDA receptor, increased Ca2+ and oxidative stress are intimately associated with neuronal cell death as normally seen in NMDA-induced neurotoxicity. We have recently shown selective sparing of somatostatin (SST)-positive neurons and increased SST expression in NMDA agonist-induced neurotoxicity. Accordingly, the present study was undertaken to determine the effect of Abeta25-35-induced neurotoxicity on the expression of SST in… CONTINUE READING