Beta-amyloid controls altered Reelin expression and processing in Alzheimer's disease.

  title={Beta-amyloid controls altered Reelin expression and processing in Alzheimer's disease.},
  author={Arancha Botella-L{\'o}pez and Inmaculada Cuchillo-Ib{\'a}{\~n}ez and Tiziana Cotrufo and Su San Mok and Qiao-xin Li and M P Barquero and Mara Dierssen and Eduardo Soriano and Javier S{\'a}ez-Valero},
  journal={Neurobiology of disease},
  volume={37 3},
Reelin is a glycoprotein that modulates synaptic function and plasticity in the mature brain, thereby favouring memory formation. We recently reported altered cerebral Reelin expression in Alzheimer's disease (AD). Here we demonstrate pronounced Reelin changes at protein and mRNA levels in the frontal cortex in adult Down's syndrome (DS), where the extra copy of chromosome 21 leads to overexpression of beta-amyloid. In cortical extracts of fetal DS samples we detected increased levels of the… CONTINUE READING

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