Beta-adrenergic stimulation of brown adipocyte proliferation.

  title={Beta-adrenergic stimulation of brown adipocyte proliferation.},
  author={Alain G{\'e}lo{\"e}n and Andr{\'e} J. Collet and Ginette Guay and Ludwik J Bukowiecki},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={254 1 Pt 1},
The mechanisms of brown adipose tissue (BAT) growth were studied by quantitative photonic radioautography using tritiated thymidine to follow mitotic activity. To identify the nature of the adrenergic pathways mediating brown adipocyte proliferation and differentiation, the effects of cold exposure (4 days at 4 degrees C) on BAT growth were compared with those induced by treating rats at 25 degrees C with norepinephrine (a mixed agonist), isoproterenol (a beta-agonist), and phenylephrine (an… CONTINUE READING
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