Beta-adrenergic receptor subtype transcripts in porcine adipose tissue.

  title={Beta-adrenergic receptor subtype transcripts in porcine adipose tissue.},
  author={Ronald L. McNeel and Harry John Mersmann},
  journal={Journal of animal science},
  volume={73 7},
Expression of transcripts for beta 1-, beta 2-, and beta 3-adrenergic receptors (beta 1-AR, beta 2-AR, and beta 3-AR, respectively) was investigated in porcine tissues. Northern blot analysis of total RNA indicated hybridization of the rat beta 1-AR probe to transcripts of approximately 3.0-kb in heart and lung and 2.9-kb in perirenal, omental, and subcutaneous adipose tissue. Hybridization of the hamster beta 2-AR probe with total RNA revealed transcripts of approximately 1.8-kb in the heart… CONTINUE READING