Beta-adrenergic receptor subtype effects on stress fever and thermoregulation.

  title={Beta-adrenergic receptor subtype effects on stress fever and thermoregulation.},
  author={Kimberly Paige Mayfield and Dariusz Soszyński and Wieslaw E Kozak and A. I. Kozak and Katelin M. Rudolph and Matthew Jay Kluger},
  volume={6 4},
Exposure to psychological stress increases body temperature (Tb). This stress fever may be immunologically beneficial in some patient populations but detrimental in others (e.g., HIV-infected individuals). For this reason, it is desirable to determine pharmacological methods of preventing stress fever. In rats, stress fever is modeled by exposure to a novel environment or 'open field.' The beta-adrenergic antagonists, nadolol and propranolol, block this stress fever. Neither of these beta… CONTINUE READING