Beta-adrenergic receptor sequestration. A potential mechanism of receptor resensitization.

  title={Beta-adrenergic receptor sequestration. A potential mechanism of receptor resensitization.},
  author={Steven S. Yu and Robert J Lefkowitz and William P. Hausdorff},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={268 1},
Continuous exposure of cells to hormonal agonists often causes a rapid waning of the stimulated response. This desensitization effect has been extensively studied in the beta-adrenergic receptor system, and attributed largely to the rapid phosphorylation of the receptor by two kinases. Over a similar time frame (seconds to minutes), agonists also trigger a selective loss in the capacity of receptors to bind hydrophilic but not hydrophobic ligands, a phenomenon termed sequestration. There is… CONTINUE READING

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